Yaks have been living on the high altitude plateaus of Tibet, Mongolia and Central Asia for millions of years, at altitudes up to 5000m where winter temperatures frequently go below -40C. Yaks have evolved an amazing insulation system to keep them warm in these extreme environments.

Long coarse hair protects them from the wind, rain and snow, while a soft undercoat of down insulates. We only use the soft down fiber to get the best warmth and comfort in our apparel.


Yak wool is in a league of its own for performance, environmental impact, and sustainability. It is warmer, softer and more breathable than merino wool, and yaks have significantly less damaging grazing habits compared to sheep. The fiber is a natural by-product, and collected from yaks who are allowed to roam freely. By using yak fiber (and paying a fair price), we provide a reliable source of income that helps to alleviate poverty and social issues for Tibetan herders.


Our yak fiber is sourced from the northeastern region of the Tibetan Plateau, where the best grasslands are located and the majority of the yaks live. We buy the best quality, finest fiber that is sourced directly from herding communities. The herders are paid a fair price, allowing them to earn an income that is compatible with their way of life. Our aim is to further develop our relationship with iYak in Gangcha, a Tibetan owned social enterprise, and make them the source all of our fiber. They source the fiber in a responsible way, paying high prices and employing local Tibetan women. Their commitment to the community is something we want to support and be a part of.