We want to lead a change in the outdoor industry to create a product that not only performs the best, but connects you to the people and environment that it comes from.

Creating a positive impact for the world, and having fun while doing it is what we live for.


Fiber to Fabric

To create the best products we knew that we had to start at the very beginning, where the raw yak fiber is collected, and be involved in the manufacturing process. Unlike other companies who buy their fabrics off the shelf, we make our fabrics. It’s not easy but we wouldn’t do it any other way, and the final product speaks for itself.

To have a positive impact on everyone involved, means providing benefits that are real and fair. We made a commitment from the start to support Tibetan herders by buying fiber at a fair price, allowing them to continue their way of life with a source on income they can rely on.


Our Model vs Traditional Retail

It became clear to us that our way of doing business didn’t fit with the current outdoor retail model. Traditional retailers are conservative and have well established partnerships with large companies, distributors and sales reps. All of this adds to the cost, without adding any value to the product and customer. We spend money where it matters and offer a better product at a much lower price than it would be in a traditional retail store. It’s a win-win.