Lee Rowley Wanaka

Lee Burt Rowley

Wanaka // NZ // Adventuring in the Land of the Long White Cloud


John Abela

John Abela

Long distance hiker. Gear designer. Lives in the Redwoods of Northern California and spends most of his time developing new long distance hiking trails/routes for future generations of hikers. @johnabela

Bryan Carroll Splitboarding

Bryan Carroll

Taking the road less travelled and capturing in on the way. Adventuring in North America and around the world.

@mountain_bear_ Summit for Wellness

Nicholas Reichard - Peak to Plateau Ambassador

Nicholas Reichard

Filmmaker turned film photographer. Completed the Appalachian Trail in 2015, Pacific Crest Trail in 2016, and making the film 3mph in 2017 while hiking the Continental Divide Trail.

@nicholasreichard @3mphfilm

Jake Wilcox - Peak to Plateau Ambassador

Jake Wilcox

Record setting Explorer & Athlete - Founder of Venture500: 50 expeditions, each 500+ miles, non motorized or by human kindness. 16/50 complete for 15,500 miles. 

@jw.explore Jake Wilcox Facebook

Bernd Van de Cruys Peak to Plateau Ambassador

Bernd Van de Cruys

Antwerp, Beligum // Self taught adventure and travel photographer. Inspiring others to put their boots on and explore the great outdoors.

@berndvdc Twitter

Lukas Niedermeier Iceland

Lukas Niedermeier

Germany // Young skier in search of winter.


Image Coming Soon

Cat Vinton

England // Award-winning Adventure & Ethnographic Photographer


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