Peak to Plateau began in 2015 after founder Stefan Warnaar spent 3 months travelling, hiking and exploring the vast Mongolian Steppe, and high altitude mountains of Central Asia and the Himalayas. His passion for the outdoors and instant connection with this region of the world sparked the idea for the brand.

After spending time living with yak herders and feeling the warmth and softness of yak, he knew that people needed to be introduced to this amazing natural fiber. As a Kiwi, merino had always been the fiber of choice, but Stefan knew that with the help of yak it was possible to create something even better.

The first year was spent securing the supply of yak fiber, prototyping fabrics, and testing the products. From Day 1, customers and friends were waiting impatiently to get their hands on what was being created. We built on this following with a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and raised over $78k, which helped us get off the ground.

Our first products were simple – a beanie, neckwarmer, and three baselayers. We wanted the yak fabric to do the talking and show off its natural warmth, softness and breathability. It was an instant hit with our early customers and testers, and we knew we were onto something that would change the outdoor industry.